Defines progress bars that indicate how far along a process is.





Content Fields

Here is a list of common content fields for Progress add-on.

Setting Description
Progress Value Defines progress bar value
Bar background dynamic Define the custom background for Bar background dynamic
Progress bar height Define the progress bar height.
Interval Set the interval for progress bar
Show Progress Text Show/Hide custom progress bar text
Text Color A color field used for custom color

General Settings

General settings, which are the same across all add-ons, are grouped in a General section at the bottom. Here is a short overview.

Setting Description
Margin Keep the existing vertical margin (e.g. from headings), force specific margin or remove all margin. Margins of an element can be removed from the top and bottom.
Remove top margin. Use this option to remove the add-on's top margin
Remove bottom margin. Use this option to remove the add-on's bottom margin
Alignment This option specifies the alignment of an add-on according to the surrounding element
Text Breakpoint Define the device width from which the alignment will apply.
Visibility Define when the add-on should be hidden.
CSS Class If you wish to style a particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and also refer to it in your css file.

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